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Unveiling Cinematic Brilliance: Our Films 'Azul no Azul' and 'Alba Nera' Shine at Berlinale 2024!

Updated: Feb 4

🎬 🎞️ 🌟 Exciting News! 🌟 🎥 🍿

Renowned filmmaker Gianmarco Donaggio has earned a coveted spot at the prestigious Berlin International Film Festival, joining the ranks of the cinematic elite at the "Big Three" festivals alongside Venice and Cannes. The Berlinale is arguably the leading festival for artistic and experimental film and the world's largest for attendance. Our two collaboration films, ‘Azul no Azul’ and the upcoming ‘Alba Nera’ have earned their place in this distinguished lineup: Gianmarco Donaggio at Berlinale

Sound/Image test of 'Azul no Azul' at Portugal's National Museum of Contemporary Art - 27th of July 2022

‘Azul no Azul’ captivated audiences during its two-month exhibition at Portugal's National Museum of Contemporary Art MNAC and an unparalleled four-month projection at the Museu Nacional Soares dos Reis. This masterpiece, inspired by my blue paintings on 'The Exiled' by Soares dos Reis, has truly made waves: 'Azul no Azul' on Wikipedia 'Azul no Azul' on National Museum's website 'Azul no Azul' on IMDb If you missed the screenings, you may watch this introspective film now - ideally on a large screen and in a quiet, dark room: Password (lowercase): nelson If you liked it, then please offer us a ten star rating on IMDb

Now, 'Alba Nera' is set to make its official première this summer, partially filmed at the UNESCO site of Batalha Monastery. Drawing inspiration from my black paintings of The Exiled and my PlatiGleam artworks showcasing the Batalha Monastery at night.

If you understand Portuguese, then you may find another article at the website of National Museum Soares dos Reis. Special Request: Seeking Your Support to Boost Visibility for Berlinale Nomination

In today's digital landscape, it seems like only the more lighthearted or seemingly "dumb" content goes viral. While I appreciate the attention my selfies receive, I believe that the recognition for a film festival nomination deserves a broader audience.

I understand that social media algorithms can be unpredictable, and engagement can vary. That's why I am reaching out to my supportive network—people like you—to help me spread the word. Your support means a lot to me, and I believe your influence can contribute to increasing the visibility of this film festival nomination.

If you could take a moment to share my posts or mention the nomination in your social circles, it would greatly enhance the chances of reaching a wider audience. Your support is invaluable, and I am truly grateful for your willingness to help me in this endeavor. #GianmarcoDonaggioAtBerlinale #AzulNoAzul #AlbaNera #Collaboration #SupportTheArts


Unknown member
Feb 07

Congratulations on the progress of these exciting endeavors! Filming partially at the UNESCO site of Batalha Monastery for 'Alba Nera' seems like a unique choice. Can you elaborate on how the location influenced the film and the significance it holds in the context of the storyline?

Nelson Ferreira
Nelson Ferreira
Feb 28
Replying to

Hello David,

Thank you for your insightful comment and question. I would like to emphasize that the film draws its primary inspiration from my paintings rather than solely relying on the location. However, since my paintings are deeply influenced by the captivating essence of the Batalha Monastery, its significance permeates throughout the cinematic narrative. We filmed at various locations, including the monastery. Our current focus is on editing the final cut of Alba Nera, which will be divided into several short chapters. Notably, the Batalha Monastery will be featured in its own dedicated episode, arguably serving as the centerpiece of the film. Cheers, Nelson

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