Humanity’s plight is a concept artists have been examining for a long time, and one that comes to life through my recent collections. Although this is a theme commonly explored by various artists, I believe there is something uniquely fresh about my work. My large abstract penumbra paintings, as well as the angel and the self-portrait series, tend to extreme mystical darkness or scream with shouting, electric colours. My classical portraits and life drawings are serene and subtle.


Mysterious colour effects. Based on dusk, represent the phosphorescence that can be obtained by using a finely tuned dark colour palette. The results are optically and conceptually ravishing, light pouring out of darkness.

The pictures shown here belong to a series of 20 oil paintings that were exhibited in Montreal with the support of the Portuguese Embassy at Ottawa. These diptychs and triptychs measure 2m high. Some are permanently exhibited in the main office of the company Bonjour Montreal and also in private art collections in Japan.

In 2010 a new Penumbra piece was developed for the contemporary art museum Centro das Artes - Casa das Mudas. This artwork consists of two canvases measuring 1.5 x 5 metres each. A dark canvas representing water and a pale one portraying fire, the two natural disasters that have destroyed parts of the island in 2010.


Human Closeness observes human nature in day to day life. Through this collection, I attempt to provide a fresh set of eyes through which to critically observe what is now thought of as common elements of life. I invite my fans to question and redefine their assumptions about contemporary society in order to become more connected to different cultures and beliefs in an increasingly disconnected world. These icons were painted as part of my research about Eastern Europe and Mediaeval Art. I've used authentic techniques from Greece, Russia and Flanders, including egg tempera, authentic rizas (oklads) and gilding with 24 carat gold, platinum and palladium. I became a member of the British Association of Iconographers and was offered a place for PhD at the Prince's Foundation.



I always like to keep my work fresh and creative, and The Mobile World is a prime example of my inspiration to stay relevant and innovative. Creating this collection was a blast, and I pushed my artistic abilities to the limits. If you'd like to see more, be in touch or come to one of my exhibitions.

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