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University Lecture | History of Academic Art: part 1 - Drawing | State University of Jakarta

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

I of II - ACADEMIC DRAWING I was a guest lecturer for the fine arts department of Universitas Negeri Jakarta - UNJ - the state university of Indonesia. This is the first part, dedicated to academic drawing. Thanks to the Head of Visual Art Education Department: Dr. Indro Moerdisuroso M.Sn. and to Visual Art Education Lecturers: Dr. Rizki Taufik Rakhman M.Si and Agam Akbar Pahala M.Sn., and Christophera R. Lucius M.A. for the invite.

LIST OF IMAGES: - Chinese Neolithic ceramic - Blombos ochre stone 71.000 BCE - Jamila necklace, 7.000 BCE - Bargue Plate I, 48 - Phocion - Bargue plate by Picasso - Carpenter, by Van Gogh 1880 - Mourning Woman Seated on a Basket, Van Gogh 1883 - Self-portrait by Van Gogh 1889 - Black shale - Drawing from a sculpture of a faun, by Henrique Pousão. Student exam when Pousão was about 21 years old - his teacher was Alexandre Cabanel. Drawn in 12h or less. Carbonaceous shale on laid paper. - Borghese Faun, by Marie-Henri-Raoul-Louis Prat. Black chalk (shale) on paper, 1898. Student of Gustave Moreau, Jean-Jacques Henner, Charles Victor Thirion, Aime Morot and Francois Flameng. - Drawing exam by John Singer Sargent from 1877 - when he was 21 years old. - Drawing by Zaorzeskii Boris - Cast drawing by contemporary artist Shane Wolf - Portrait of Victor Baltard, by Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres - Portrait by Nicolai Fechin ? or Vladimir Grebennikov ? - Academic drawing by André-Jean-Edouard Monchablon, 1902 - student of Jules Lefèbvre and Tony Robert Fleury.


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