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List of Materials | Bargue Drawing Course

Updated: Nov 11, 2021

Welcome to this page, hope you find it helpful!

If you enrol on , you will receive by email the Bargue plates used for this drawing course.

Please choose your favourite and print it to approx. 60 by 40cm (24″ by 18″). Don't print it glossy; the best is to print it as a photocopy or laser print. If the shop doesn't print it larger than A3, then ask them to print each half of the image to an A3 (or the 4 quarters to A4) and then you can tape them together to make a larger print.

On that email, you will also find the initial video chapters of this course. Please watch them now or download them to watch anytime in the future. There's a full list of what is needed under the following video Chapter 3 Materials. There is no need to have everything, although the more you have the better. The most important to do this course in charcoal is:

- your favourite Bargue plate printed to approx. 60 by 40cm (24″ by 18″).

- willow charcoal (thin sticks)

- a sheet of 400 grit sandpaper to sharpen the charcoal

- drawing paper at least 60x40cm (24″ by 18″). Video 3 recommends several top brands. An inexpensive alternative is the back of a Canson Mi-Teintes sheet

- a putty eraser

- a hard brush - not too small, a bit wider than your thumb

As you can see, you don't need much to get started!

I am looking forward to seeing you for our first zoom lesson.

You will get the new video of the week a few days before each session, so you can prepare for the topic of that specific lesson.

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