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Guest Speaker for CreativeMornings | Free Lecture

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

Proud to have been invited by @irenekonova to be the speaker to the CreativeMornings Lisbon event at Museu Nacional de Arte Contemporânea, together with @jorgemoita. A full house with over 100 booked seats. Ancient Greek artists - stories that survived thanks to the writings of Pliny. Also, a world premiere of a bite-size preview of my upcoming drawing course 'Alchemy of Drawing'. Watch the lecture (subtitled, as I wasn't miked - so the sound quality is lower than it should have been):

And here are some pics by @photobyegle (first gallery), (second gallery) and myself (third gallery).

After the talk, I did paint explosions together with the guests, to create abstracts for them to take home. I also asked everyone to draw a flower with chalk, to celebrate the International Colour Day.


Screenshot 2022-04-10 at 02.55.29.png
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