Art trips to southern Europe

Be special to your business and hold your meetings somewhere exciting, any time of the year.
Team building events abroad are extra special!

An atmospheric stroll by Baroque tile covered Oporto, a history of art course visiting the eternal city of Rome, a trip to a lime washed Greek island or painting course at the spectacular forests of warm Madeira or the moonlike landscapes of Timanfaya will leave your staff motivated at the highest level and management content with a gorgeous return on their investment.

This will be a highlight of your overseas seminars, European conferences, worldwide product launches, training events and team building events throughout Europe and the world.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Madeira painting trip. Nelson had thought of every little detail, not only we had the chance to discover every little corner of this marvelous luminous island but we also got to paint, meet local people and other students, go for walks and had great food. I can’t think of a better combination for a break. I saw some of the most spectacular landscapes I had ever seen in my life.
Without hesitating I would rate this trip 10/10″. – Melis Biskin, employee at Chiswick Park

Prices starting from £125pp for a day painting course (for groups of 15 people or more).
Otherwise £155pp (between 10-15 people) or a basic fee of £1500 for smaller groups.
Tickets, accommodation and other expenses not included.