The missing series

I do not have pictures of most of the self-portraits I did in 2000/2001. They were destroyed for “conceptual” reasons the day before my final painting evaluation on the Faculty of Fine Arts of Lisbon, as a protest against Conceptual Art. Instead of displaying them, I burnt them and only exhibited a coffin with a little of the resulting ashes.

The idea was to attack extreme conceptualism by displaying nothing more than a concept to a Painting evaluation. I decided not to take any pictures of this action so it would not be of any similarity with traditional performance. The professors went completely mad, with the jury discussing whether to give me the highest mark, or simply fail me. In the end I was given 14/20…

These self-portraits belong to a series of 35 drawings and acrylics on paper that represent my face getting more and more distorted. The colours became unreal and decorative. I also used fluorescent pigments, giving a visual effect that cannot be photographically reproduced.