This is the penumbra series. My main inspiration is dusk, when colours shift towards undefinable shades that cannot be clearly verbalized.

These paintings produce a visual paradox: dark colours glowing, as if they were pure light, not dark shades of paint.

The pictures shown here belong to a series of 20 oil paintings that were exhibited in Montreal with the support of the Portuguese Embassy at Ottawa. These diptychs and triptychs measure 2m high. Some are permanently exhibited in the main office of the company “Bonjour Montreal” and also in private art collections in Japan.




Since this show, these series have evolved considerably.
In 2010 a new Penumbra piece was developed for the contemporary art museum “Centro das Artes – Casa das Mudas”. This artwork consists of two canvases measuring 1.5 x 5 metres each. A dark canvas representing water and a pale one portraying fire, the two natural disasters that have destroyed parts of the island in 2010.

The first video underneath shows the first steps of this latest Penumbra painting:

The second is a detailed picture of the final painting and finally a program on Portuguese TV channel RTP about this piece (starts around 6min 10sec).